Website Maintenance


We offer pay as you go or monthly website maintenance plans. Choose the plan that meets your needs. We’ll do the updates and changes to your website for you so that you can concentrate on running your business and not your website.

Even after your website has finished being designed, it still requires regular maintenance to ensure it is running optimally. Zap5 Networks has worked with many companies providing website maintenance and regular updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Starting at $325/year

  • Includes up to 3 Monthly Update Requests*

  • Update Requests Include – ANY Type of Change You Need

  • Software Updates & Backups Included!

  • Detailed website traffic reports, & more!


Starting at $90/hour

  • Unlimited Monthly Update Requests

  • Update Requests Include – ANY Type of Change You Need

  • Software Updates & Backups Included

  • Detailed website traffic reports, & more!

*Additional changes after your monthly change limit are billed at $60/hr, in 1/2hr increments.

Included Features:

Packages include premium support to help you maintain and support your website. This includes updating your website content, updating any videos on your website, updating hyperlinks on your website, and updating styling (CSS).

Create an update request by writing down all of the changes you’d like us to make to your website. Then phone, fax, email, or use this site to send us your update request. We’ll accept email, Word documents, handwritten notes, attachments, or whatever works best for you.

  • Adding, Changing or Removing pictures provided by you to your website
  • Resizing your images or cropping them
  • Adding, Changing or Removing links to your website
  • Adding, Changing or Removing videos provided by you to your website
  • Adding, Changing or Removing pdf files or documents to your website
  • Changing colors or layouts to any current pages on your website
  • Replacing or changing logos provided by you to your website
  • Updating contact information or other text on your website
  • Renaming files or optimizing file names for Search Engines
  • Updating your meta keywords, page titles, or descriptions for Search Engines
  • Generating a sitemap for search engines to more easily navigate your site
  • Updating inventory, pricing, or quantities of inventory items to your shopping cart software
  • Adding blog posts to your existing blog
  • Adding posts, images, or comments to your existing Facebook, twitter, Google+, or other social media
  • Making changes to an email campaign layout you have
  • Traffic statistics and details of visitor information

What’s NOT included?

Design work and programming are not included in our website maintenance plans. For example, changing your site’s overall look and feel (design work) or adding a shopping cart (programming) is not included. Net new pages may also be excluded if there are significant layout changes. Please contact us to see if your change is within scope. While we are still happy to accommodate major website changes, they would be billed under our hourly rate of $90/hr.

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • PHP, javascript or other server side code work
  • Search engine submissions
  • Website design and creation
  • Article submission
  • Major changes – outside the scope of “maintenance”