Spam Filtering


Our domain-wide filtering plan includes 100,000 inbound messages free per month (clean and spam). Less than 1% of our customers ever exceed the included allotment. You can increase your allocation in 100,000 message blocks.

While other services charge extra for every email box on your domain, or require you to set up a separate account for each of your domain aliases, with our service there’s no limit to users or domain aliases! Instead we charge additional quarantine users and message limits. This is ideal pricing for small businesses.

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Included Features

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

  • Over 17 million SPAM filter rules (and counting!)

  • Virus and malware filtering

  • Email Archiving (30 days)

  • Never lose email due to downtime! Destination fail-over MX support

  • Custom domain-level filter rules

  • View and recover quarantined mail (30 days)

  • View and re-deliver clean mail (30 days)

  • View message delivery status

  • Active Directory / LDAP Sync

No Installation

It’s easy to get started with our service and we’re compatible with virtually all email services and hosting providers. We’ll guide you through the simple “MX” record change that needs to be made on your domain. The process usually takes less than 5 minutes to get setup!

Precision Accuracy

Unlike other spam filtering systems that rely on fancy algorithms that spammers can defeat, Zap5 Network’s rule based system features over two million rules that were created by real humans!

Zero False-Positives

A “false positive” is when a good email is blocked by a spam filter. While other rule base filters use automated systems to “auto-learn” spam, a process that is prone to errors, Zap5 Networks rules are carefully engineered by humans to ensure that only real spam is blocked.

Control Panel Included

Rather than just deleting spam that is blocked, all spam is placed in an easy-to-use domain-wide quarantine where it can be viewed by you, further ensuring that no good email is ever lost. Optionally, you can set up a separate quarantine for each user on your domain.

Pricing starts at $100/year

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The Dashboard



Quarantine Viewer


How does it work?

  1. Incoming, unfiltered email directed to your domain. Along with the good email you want, it includes a barrage of spam, phishing and virus emails that you don’t want.
  2. A simple change to your domain’s MX record puts Zap5 Networks extremely powerful and remarkably accurate filtering service to work for you.
  3. The bad stuff is put in a “quarantine viewer” so that there’s no chance of ever losing good email. In the unlikely event that a good message is blocked by Zap5 Networks, it can be viewed in either the included shared quarantine or optional individual quarantine viewers.
  4. GOOD email is delivered to your domain without delay BUT the bad email is captured (quarantined) by Zap5 Networks!